DISCLAIMER: this is a student case study project from BIC Master Degree Program

Seedlip is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit, the first of its kind. The product aims to be a premium option to those who don't want alcohol but are tired of lame, overly sweet drinks offered in bars. 

Our research told us consumers were positively impacted by Seedlip's taste. When they learned about the product being distilled like other spirits, they wondered: how is it that something distilled doesn't have alcohol? What kind of sorcery is this? 

We flexed the brand visual assets into a magical narrative, leading to a campaign around Seedlip's founder Ben Branson, pushing his story and the product's origins with rumors and conspiracy theories to create a mystical aura around it. So good, it must be magic!

To kickstart the campaign, we got Ben to star on the iconic Vogue 73 Questions SeriesWe *accidentally* approved the video with a shot of him mumbling in Latim and the internet went wild on it:


Our PR team called in a few influencers such as Saint Hoax, Fuck Jerry, Dude with Sign and The Fat Jewish to steer the conversation online, raising awareness to the mysterious interview and character:

As people started questioning Seedlip, we made sure the brand went silent on their official social media channels. But we fed into the conspiracy theory Ben is a wizard, creating an anonymous thread on Reddit and also spreading stickers and posters around New York and Los Angeles with a call-to-action to a sketchy conspiracy website:

ben reddit conspiracy.png
Copy of sticker pole 3.png
Untitled presentation (8).png
Leave Behind - FINAL LAYOUT (2) (1).png

To simulate a backlash, we defaced Seedlip's current out-of-home ads, making a visual impact to people who wouldn't be attentive to the online buzz:

defaced ooh 1.png

To prove everything was *fine*, we invited a group of influencers to Seedlip's farm in Berkshire, England. There, they were let into our secret and continued feeding into the conspiracy theory with teasing content on their social media:


After their return, as a way to address the built up buzz, mystery & pressure from social media, we were finally ready to come clean. We then launched the campaign Amazingly Distilled.

The campaign focused on debunking the rumor by explicitly stating distillation is the key behind the product. But we still poked fun at the rumor by playing with people’s perception using mystical symbols and creating animated OOH pieces.


The repercussion around Seedlip and Ben Branson was extremely positive, with a return not only in earned media, but also in brand awareness, summing up 10MIL total impressions, 250k Brand mentions and 300% Conversion from website traffic increase in second and third quarter of 2020.



Carmela Vecchione - Art Direction

Taylor Becker - Creative Director

Shane Tepper - Copywriter

Lorenzo Lasagna - Strategy